SEDI is the System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders, established by the applicable securities regulatory authorities. SEDI facilitates the filing and public dissemination of "insider reports" in electronic format via the Internet and this website.

Insiders who are required by provincial securities laws to file insider reports in electronic format must use this website to make these filings. Insiders of foreign reporting issuers that are not required to file their disclosure documents in SEDAR, are exempt from filing in SEDI but are still required to file insider reports in paper format with the applicable securities regulatory authority. To faciliate insider reporting in SEDI, issuers filing in SEDAR are required to file in SEDI certain issuer information, including their lists of security designations and corporate event information.

The Canadian Securities Administrators have appointed CDS INC., a company affiliated with The Canadian Depository for Securities Limited, to operate SEDI.